The Bay Leaf Resturant - Traverse City, MI

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Tuesday -Thursday
4 - 9 pm

Friday -Saturday
4-10 pm

Happy Hour 4 - 6 Daily


The Bay Leaf


The Bay Leaf is located just a few blocks from beautiful West Grand Traverse Bay, in between busy Front Street and the Park Place Hotel in the heart of downtown Traverse City. The Bay Leaf offers restaurant goers from casual to connoisseur a warm and inviting atmosphere, eclectic wine and beer lists and excellent cuisine at reasonable prices.

At the heart of The Bay Leaf’s cuisine is the purity and wholesomeness that comes from simple, seasonal food. Influenced by European and rustic culinary styles, The Bay Leaf’s executive chef creates vibrant flavors that appeal to a myriad of tastes, experienced through our dynamic and ever-changing menu, as well as our daily specials. Combined with an expansive wine list boasting over fifty wines by the glass, a beer list that emphasizes a broad range of microbrews, and a genuine and knowledgeable staff, The Bay Leaf provides Traverse City with a unique and exciting restaurant.


the bay leaf
As a single ingredient the bay leaf is a common herb in its earthiness, yet it lends itself crucial to a variety of cuisines, from basic to sophisticate. It is this simplistic elegance that is representative of our restaurant's vision.  Just as the bay leaf plays a critical role in diverse styles of cuisine, it is the goal of everyone at The Bay Leaf to encourage and play an integral part in the growth of our community.